Rhythms of Triumph
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Thursday, February 09, 2017
By Tymal Apedo
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On February 3, 2017, 97.1 WQMG hosted the McDonalds "Rhythms of Triumph" at the Greensboro Coliseum. T.E.M.'s role was production management. Technical Event Management was responsible for the assembly of the stage, lighting, and audio. In addition, we sealed the deal by providing video for the concert through our subsidiary company T.E.M. Video. Our CEO Sam Hamlin, was the production manager over the Rhythms of Triumph concert and made sure there was a smooth transition into showtime.  

Prior to the actual concert, the process to get ready was unbelievable. Load-in for the concert begin at 7:30am, 12 hours BEFORE official showtime, unbelievable right? Show time slowly approached, the setup begin to make sense. During a normal load-in for a show like this, the stage is the first to be setup. After a foundation is set, the lighting is next. While they are attaching lights to  trusses set up for the concert, the audio company is headed in to start unpacking. After the lighting trusses are hanging, its time for the audio to hang their speakers and set up monitors. After those three components are closed to finish, the different acts are coming in for soundcheck. There is a lot of thought put into the pre-show process. The large time frame allowed the crew to be efficient. Every hour until show time was used strategically and before you know it, it was time for the concert! 

Showtime began promptly at 7:30pm and it was a packed house! The concert was like taking a trip back in time. Dru Hill started the show with high energy! Their lead singer stole the show and performed his famous song, "The Thong Song". 


After Dru Hill held it down for the 90's, Midnight Star took is back to the 80's. Belinda, Bo, and McArthur sang the group's top hits Freak-A-Zoid, Wet My Whistle, and Slow Jam. 


By 10:30, it was time for the O'Jays to close the show. The O'Jays didn't miss a beat. The 70's era definitely won' the battle that night!


T.E.M. Video was able to capture all the great moments by using our BlackMagicDesign ATEM HD switcher with a 3 camera multi-camera shoot. We were able to feed the live video to the coliseum's jumbotron. Of course the radio station hosting the event had cool videos to share with the crowd in between sets, we were able to show their videos by using our MAC laptops to our switcher. 


After an amazing and successful show, it was time to strike the show and go home. Check out this cool video below of the entire process of setting up and the actual concert! 

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