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Wednesday, February 17, 2016
By Joy Harley
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T.E.M. now offers LIVE streaming video for use in broadcasting your event in real time to ANY device, ANY size audience, ANY where in the world in HD. Whether it's a sporting event concert, annual corporate meeting, or secure legal conference, we can broadcast your event LIVE to as many viewers that have web acess via their iPhone, Andriod, laptop, or large screen monitors. We also do in-studio shoots such as web-series for broadcasting. During the event, we simultaneously create a high definition archive file you may keep for creating copies for viewing on BLU-RAY or DVDs or editing highlights. 

How do we do this operation? Simple, technology.



The first piece of technology that is an important piece of equipment is the media encoder. T.E.M. uses the DATAVIDEO NVS-25 H.264 Video Streaming Server. The NVS-25 is a stand alone streaming encoder that can stream live video to a CDN and can even record to a removable USB drive simultaneously. It has SDI, HDMI, and Composite inputs. The versatility and size of this powerful equipment allows it to fit into any application. TEM sends a SDI signal from our ATEM BlackMagic switcher into the DATAVIDEO media encoder. 


That leads me to the next few pieces of equipment we use to make this operation work. Whether we are off site or in studio, we always use ATEM BlackMagic switchers, unless the event requires a simple process. TEM uses HD JVC-750 cameras that feed SDI signals into our switcher. 

When we are in-studio, TEM uses cameras, and computers to make the event we are streaming professional. We use our computers to insert lower thirds when needed. We also use the computers for music and backgrounds. 


We couldnt do this entire process without using Wowza. Wowza allows us to have end to end live streaming service with managed infrastructure. All we need is an event to live stream, a camera, a encoder, and a wowza account and the video is streamed to ANY size audience on ANY device. 


T.E.M. is ready to do any event LIVE. All you have to do is give us a call at 336-698-9095 or visit our website at www.technicaleventmanagement.com and let us handle the rest! 

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