What Does TEM do at North Carolina A&T Football Games?
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Monday, October 19, 2015
By Micha Caldwell
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It’s been a few weeks since North Carolina A&T State University has had a home football game. This past weekend A&T played against Bethune- Cookman and TEM was there at the Aggie Stadium. Technical Event Management is the production side of the game where we handle everything in the control room that helps the flow of the game. Let’s take a look at what each crewmember does to have a successful football game.   


The crew consists of producers, camera operators, instant replay, directors, graphics, loggers, audio and technical directors. The producers, technical director, instant replay operator, graphics, loggers all work together.


 The producers are usually in charge of everything and help call the flow of the game to help make sure everything runs smoothly. The technical director is in charge of the camera operators. The technical director and camera operators work closely together to choose the best shots for the game as the game is going along.

 The person in charge of the instant replay always has a instant replay after every play. The producer will choose how often they will run the instant replay. The graphics person puts up a graphic based on what is going on such as touchdown or first down. The graphics person is also responsible for running ads created before game day for sponsors.

The loggers keep track of everything that happens throughout the game, like when a specific ad runs, when the band plays the most, when the announcer reads certain ads. The audio person keeps track of the ref mic and when ads play.

TEM likes to call it a puzzle where everyone is in charge of a certain piece and we all come together to have a perfect game. Make sure to follow all our social media sites to follow TEM at all of the various events.

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