White Oak Music Festival
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Monday, June 29, 2015
By Joy Harley
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Ever heard of the saying, "please dont rain on my parade"? Well, this weekend, Mother Nature wanted to rain on the White Oak's Music Festival's parade and ruin the show! Fortunately enough, she was nice enough to hold off. This past weekend, Technical Event Management provided the production services for the White Oak Music Festival in Danville Virginia. We are pleased to say that the event was a success! We provided backline, staging, audio, and lighting for the event. 


Before you can have a successful show, you have to set up right? Check out a couple of our set-up pictures! At Technical Event Mangement, we do it right the first time, ON TIME. We run a very tight production schedule so things are comfortable for the artists when they arrive for soundcheck. 


After setup, the artists started to roll in on time to do soundcheck. Even through the clouds, we still prepared for a show! The promoters were sure to promote that this event would be rain or shine, and they meant what they said.




After soundcheck, it was time for the show to begin! When it's a "TEM" joint, we start on time!! The show started, and fortunately enough mother nature waited until the very last artist to start lighting. We had to shut the show down,but the artists along with the crowd had an amazing time!





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