We are looking for a passionate, creative, hard-working intern, with a desire to learn more about the video production industry. You must be a student enrolled in a university.


SUMMER 2018 DEADLINE: May 5th, 2017


Fall 2018 DEADLINE: July 31st, 2017


Additional Requirements:

 • Solid Understanding of MAC OS

 •Experience in field production, such as basic camera skills & general knowledge  of lighting and audio equipment


 Job Description & Position Focus:

 • Project management assistance (providing administrative support to our team of producers and editors)

 •Creative Development (concept generation, script writing, etc.)

 •Field Production (production assistance, grip responsibilities)

 •Post Production support through projects, including but not limited to: preparing footage, rough-cut editing, management and archival of footage and masters

 •Miscellaneous office tasks such as scheduling, obtaining props, client directions, gear pick-up, craft services, etc.


 Position Length:

 We are looking to fill one, part-time production intern position. The start and end dates are flexible, depending on your
school calendar.



 Four (4) hours for three (3) days a week.
 **This will be flexible depending on your class requirements


 Application Instructions:

 1. Send an email to tjones@technicaleventmanagement.com with the mandatory items:

 • Your Resume : Please attach as a PDF

 •Answers to the application questionnaire below (attach as a PDF)

 •Cover Letter:
 **PLEASE INCLUDE: what you are passionate about, why you got involved in video production, why you are looking for  an internship, or anything else you think we should know that you don’t discuss in the questionnaire

 •Links to your work, please include the links in an email and specify your role in each video

 **Please note that we don't require a demo reel or online portfolio to apply, but it is beneficial to have.  Feel free to include links to any other platforms you have to help us get to know you better. (social media, blogs, etc)

 2. In the email subject line, please use the following format:

 •2018 Production Intern - Firstname Lastname
 Ex: 2018 Production Intern - John Smith


 Application Questionnaire:

 1. Tell us about one of your sample video projects that you are proud of? What went well? What  did you learn? What did you enjoy most about the process?

 2. What is one piece of advice you would give you a classmate or colleague to ensure their production runs smoothly?

 3. Who is someone you admire or respect? Why?

 4. What is the best work related compliment you've ever received?

 5. Share a link to one of your favorite online video that you recently discovered (1:30 in length or less) Why do you like it? What, in your opinion, makes the video successful?

 6. If you have an unlimited budget to do anything in video production, whether it is event production, producing, writing, etc, what would you do with it?

 7. When it comes to video production, what are you strengths? What are your weaknesses?

 8. How did you hear about Technical Event Management?

9. Are you applying for the fall or summer internship?  

 If your application does not include all of the mandatory items, it will NOT be  considered.

 Please, no phone calls or drop-ins! Emails only.


  Below is some pretty cool pictures of our interns we've had in the past!